Flash Fiction Competition

Flash Fiction Competition

Contest Now CLOSED




THE WINNING STORY WILL BE PUBLISHED BY THE STARLING PRESS, and those receiving Honorable Mention will be listed on the site as well.


Definition and Components:

A “flash” fiction, like “sudden” fiction and “micro fiction,” is a very short story. The length varies, but most often ranges between 250 and 1,000 words. It’s an excellent way of improving one’s craft, but it’s challenging to write a good one. The conflict, rising action, climax and resolution must unfold within the very strict word count. Emphasis is on character, situation, dramatic tension, mood and vivid language.


Limit your number of characters; keep the plot simple, and discover the fun of writing a flash fiction. Thousands of such stories continue to be written today. Some are later developed into short stories, novellas and novels; a growing number of markets for such work attest to that fact.


Familiarize yourself with the form before attempting to write. Three outstanding examples of flash fiction to get you started are Carolyn Forche’s The Colonel, Tim O’Brien’s Stockings and Harry Humes’s The Cough.


Contest Guidelines

– Length: 250-500 words

– One to two typewritten pages

– Times New Roman, 12 pt. double spaced, with 1” margins

– No grammatical errors, no typo’s

– Submit a complete story with a beginning, middle and end

– Begin with a hook that engages the reader right away

– Craft your ending very carefully, leaving the reader with something that will resonate long after the story has been read

– Limit your submission to ONE story

– Read, Read, Read


Timeline for Submissions

Submissions open – Now!

Deadline for submissions – May 17

Place your submission with name and grade on the google form and attach your story as a file.

Winner will be announced – in June

Judging will be conducted by published authors!